Counseling Department

      Our Vision

      • The vision of the Kosciusko School District School Counseling Department is to transform education for all students by creating a more rigorous and globally competitive educational system. All Kosciusko School District students will meet and exceed state and national education standards. The Counseling Department will prepare students for higher learning and the world of work through the programs, services, and offering of an inclusive, efficient, safe, and nurturing education system. 

        KSD counselors will:

        • Ensure all students master the essential curriculum and beyond.
        • Close the achievement gap among the student populations.
        • Develop competence in 21st century skills.

      Our Mission

      • The mission of Kosciusko School Counseling Department is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program aligned with the national ASCA and college and career ready. Counselors focus on the needs, interest, and issues related to the stages of student growth through academic, career, and personal/social development. Counselors at Kosciusko School District work in partnership with students, staff, family, community members and employers to ensure quality learning and lifelong success as directed by Kosciusko School District and Mississippi Department of Education.

      Our Beliefs

      • To implement the school counseling program in Kosciusko School District, counselors are committed to the following:We believe that:

        • All students have dignity and worth.
        • All students can achieve and meet high standards that will result in college and career success.
        • Every student is valued and has the right to feel safe at school.
        • Collaboration with all stakeholders is the key to success of the school counseling program.
        • Every student will participate in a developmentally appropriate, data driven comprehensive school counseling program.
        • Every student has access to school counselors who are leaders, collaborators, and advocates. School counselors deliver and evaluate results-based curriculum and activities directed towards positive work habits, study skills and relationships between others to improve overall academic success.
        • All students participate in the school counseling program which is administered by a state certified and licensed school counselor.
        • The school counselor shall abide by the professional ASCA Code of Ethics.
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