• KUE Parent/Teacher/Student Compact


    The Staff of Upper Elementary accepts the responsibility to:

    • provide a quality instructional program in an integrated setting for each student 
    • provide an orderly classroom and safe school environment
    • develop programs and activities which will respond to the social, emotional, personal, and physical development needs of each student
    • assist parents in helping their child(ren) develop self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence to participate in school as a responsible member

    As the Parent of an Upper Elementary Student, it is my responsibility to:

    • send my child to school each day on time, prepared with all necessary material, well rested, and properly dressed
    • check my child’s work and homework on a regular basis
    • provide my child with suitable study conditions at home: desk or table, lights, books, and supplies
    • communicate with my child’s teacher(s) when I am concerned about my child’s work or health

    As a Student at Upper Elementary, it is my responsibility to:

    • attend regularly
    • work diligently
    • bring necessary materials to class
    • behave in accordance with school and classroom rules