• Donate & Volunteer

    Investing Today for Tomorrow's Future

    Your gifts to Kosciusko School District allow us to serve the current needs of students, teachers, and schools. If you are particularly passionate about a certain school or wish us to use your donation to create a scholarship, please let us know. We also suggest you contact a tax advisor to find out the tax benefits when considering gifts to Kosciusko School District. By supplementing our traditional education experience, you are helping to maximize the effectiveness of teachers and enhance our student achievements. Thank you for your support of Kosciusko School District.

    Monetary Donations is Only One of the Options

    Giving to Kosciusko School District is more than donating money; it's investing in a child's future. There are many ways you can donate to the district. Below are just a few options for donating, but if you do not see something listed that could be beneficial to the district, please let us know. Donation options include:

    • Honorary gifts - an excellent way to recognize a loved one or celebrate a special event.
    • Memorial gifts - a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of loved ones.
    • Excess business surplus (paper, office supplies, etc.)
    • Stock gifts - a wonderful way to help young people and also take advantage of tax benefits by donating appreciated securities.
      To discover how you can help our students and teachers, please contact the district office. We appreciate your commitment to our children's education.