• Where's Wanda the Elf 2.0 Contest?

    From November 7th to December 18th, Kosciusko School District is playing a fun game of "Where's Wanda the Elf?".  

    Rules of the competition:

    • Each week, a picture of our favorite elf, "Wanda", will be placed on one of the pages of our district website (including individual school pages).
    • Click on Wanda the Elf when you find her, fill out a Google Form.
    • Each submission, per week, will earn you ONE chance to enter your name in a drawing for a Walmart Gift Card
    • Every Sunday @ 5 pm, the opportunity for you to enter your chance for that week will end. 
    • Wanda will appear on a different page Monday morning.
    • You can submit ONE chance each week.  (**Duplicate entries not allowed**)


    • Prizes:
      • Weeks 1 though 5 - $50 Gift Card
      • Week 6 (Dec. 12th-18th) - $150 Gift Card



    2021 Week 4 Winner: Mollie McLellan

    Not Pictured


    2021 Week 3 Winner: Kaitlyn Shaw

    week 3

    2021 Week 2 Winner: Tiyette Sharkey

    week 2 winner

     2021 Week 1 Winner: Austin Jones

    week 1 winner